What kind of camera are you?

I’m sharing this because I’ve been watching the news lately. There’s a lot of serious stuff in this  world of ours and yes we need to be informed, but we also need to remember the lighter side of life. And self-depreciation. And smile, because yes, we are surviving and we still have our sense of humor in tact.

Infographic by Ted’s Cameras


Workshops & Dreams

I’m self-taught in photography.

This means that as close as I came to taking a credit course in photography was sneaking into the darkroom in college. It also means I’ve taken quite a few workshops over the years to try to figure things out. The first workshop I ever took was an intimate $1200 2-day seminar on how to photograph newborns. Since I am not made of money, this was followed sometime later by 3 or 4 online courses at about $150 a pop. Then I waited a couple of years and went to a large 3-day conference for about $650 where I was able to see several different presenters.

Education isn’t cheap and some of these investments weren’t quite what I was expecting. The presenters weren’t always engaging or maybe the attendees were clique-ish or the information was all geared towards Canon & Nikon & there I stood with my Sony. However, I did learn quite a bit about what DID work. I learned what it felt like to have a passionate teacher, engaging with students, offering feedback & speaking candidly. I learned what it looks like to be so impressed with a teacher that you have to write them a thank you afterwards and you feel compelled to send them a Starbucks gift card because they went out of their way for you.

This Storytelling workshop isn’t just about content (though there will be plenty); it’s about reviving the belief that learning photography is not merely regurgitating f/stops – it’s about me sharing my dreams with you and you feeling your own dreams bubble to the surface. 
Email me for more info, I’d love to share details with you: heather[at]heatherhartstudio.com

Visual Storytelling Grayslake IL

Camera Love | LensBaby

Part of photography is very planned, calculated (exposure, lighting, location, etc) and I generally like that. I might be a smidge of a control freak. Possibly. But there is also a large part that is improvised, think-on-your feet, explore & try something new. So today was about that part of photography — we had the kiddos outside helping with leaf raking at my mom’s house. Really, it was more like “helping” but they were adorable. I put on my LensBaby Composer with Double Glass Optic and just went for it. It’s a slightly tricky lens, but the feel it creates in these kinds of moments is just dreamy. I’m not looking for crispness & perfect lighting – I want free flowing, energetic & slightly chaotic…  the truth of how our morning really went. Much coffee and many Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins were consumed by all.

I say it’s tricky because it’s manual focus, which requires ninja-like speed & accuracy when photographing small children. It is also a manual f-stop, but I just left it wide open and changed my shutter speed as the clouds moved. AND you manually bend the lens to determine the plane of focus. If you are just beginning with your camera, doing all of that at the same time might be overwhelming — but if you’ve got the hang of photography, this is a great lens to stretch your skills and try. I was in Manual mode/ISO100/Auto WB/JPG the whole morning.

Anyway, I had a great time with this little lens and if you have one too I’d love to hear about it.
Happy Leaf Raking!

Lens Baby Chicago

Photo Booth Custom Entertainment | Chicago Photo Booth

Want to make your event the Best. Night. Ever! for all of your guests?  Talk to Heather Hart Studio about our Photo Booth!  We’ve got a full studio setup, professional portrait photographer & the ability to customize everything to fit your style. We look forward to hearing from you!

Gurnee Photo Booth Lake County Lake Villa Gurnee Photo Booth Lake County Lake Villa

Kid’s Portraits | Gurnee Child Photographer

A casual in studio session for this handsome four-year-old… we tried a few vintage props and of course I had to get one featuring those gorgeous eyes!


Baby blues.

Trying out a few vintage props.

First Birthday Smash Cake Portraits | Gurnee Baby Photographer

First birthday celebrations are so special smash cake sessions are some of the most fun portraits I do… I LOVED the black and red ladybug theme we went with for this little lady. She was such a doll!


She’s ready for that first taste.

Contemporary Newborn Portraits | Gurnee Newborn Photographer

I love clean & pure newborn photography. I want my images to showcase the beautiful baby before me – thankfully, this little lady was happy to oblige.  Such sweetness!