What kind of camera are you?

I’m sharing this because I’ve been watching the news lately. There’s a lot of serious stuff in this  world of ours and yes we need to be informed, but we also need to remember the lighter side of life. And self-depreciation. And smile, because yes, we are surviving and we still have our sense of humor in tact.

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What kind of camera do you use?

This is one of the top 5 questions people ask me when they find out I’m a photographer. In fact, I’m guilty of asking it too. But here’s the deal: the type of camera you shoot with doesn’t really matter. I’ve shot with Nikon, Canon, Sony & iPhones. Digital & Film. Professional & Consumer level. Vintage and Modern. Don’t let equipment dictate your skill set. A camera is only a tool. Yes, different types of cameras excel at different things – but is your vision that creates a compelling photograph.

The real question we should ask each other should be: Why do you love photography?
I love storytelling.

visual storytelling

Camera Love: My First dSLR

Every year about this time I start to get questions like “What kind of camera should I buy?” (or “put on my Christmas list” haha!) so I’ve decided to put together a buying guide for dSLR cameras. I’ll be releasing that in November so be on the look out for it! In the mean time, I thought I would put together a little introduction showing you the first dSLR that I purchased, about 6 years ago.  Take a look at this short video and if you are thinking of a camera purchase in the near future, post any questions you might have and I will try to answer all of them in my buying guide.

Also, while I don’t use this camera for professional shooting, I have been teaching my 5 year old to use it and it has been SO MUCH FUN.

Happy Shooting!

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