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Part of photography is very planned, calculated (exposure, lighting, location, etc) and I generally like that. I might be a smidge of a control freak. Possibly. But there is also a large part that is improvised, think-on-your feet, explore & try something new. So today was about that part of photography — we had the kiddos outside helping with leaf raking at my mom’s house. Really, it was more like “helping” but they were adorable. I put on my LensBaby Composer with Double Glass Optic and just went for it. It’s a slightly tricky lens, but the feel it creates in these kinds of moments is just dreamy. I’m not looking for crispness & perfect lighting – I want free flowing, energetic & slightly chaotic…  the truth of how our morning really went. Much coffee and many Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins were consumed by all.

I say it’s tricky because it’s manual focus, which requires ninja-like speed & accuracy when photographing small children. It is also a manual f-stop, but I just left it wide open and changed my shutter speed as the clouds moved. AND you manually bend the lens to determine the plane of focus. If you are just beginning with your camera, doing all of that at the same time might be overwhelming — but if you’ve got the hang of photography, this is a great lens to stretch your skills and try. I was in Manual mode/ISO100/Auto WB/JPG the whole morning.

Anyway, I had a great time with this little lens and if you have one too I’d love to hear about it.
Happy Leaf Raking!

Lens Baby Chicago


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