Visual Intermission: New York City

We took a little jaunt to New York City this past weekend, so I thought I’d share my highlight reel with you all. While we stayed in Times Square, it took all of 5 minutes for the novelty to wear off. It’s slightly comparable to our own commercialized Navy Pier, here in Chicago… if you’re a local you’ve been there once, and that once is enough. Thankfully, we had some fantastic guides and they gave us the view of NYC that we really wanted: Greenwich Village, So-Ho, Tribeca, Midtown East, the Financial District… I’d go back to any of them again and branch out to try Brooklyn & Harlem too next time.

Let me give you a little head-up on our grown-up travel plans: my husband is an athlete and I’m bit of foodie. So when it’s just the two (sans the munchkins) of us we like to exercise and eat. A LOT. So our vacation plans may not be typical, but they were perfect for us. Check out their websites after the photos, everything was fantastic.


Exercise… we did a Sunday morning tour that started in Times Square and took us through places like Grand Central Station, by the UN & Rockefeller Center — a great overview of midtown Manhattan we sat in the grandstands for a bit and watched the leaders finish their final .2 miles — and we met a few people from around the globe & even signed some guy’s poster; everybody was so nice BEAUTIFUL. a photographer’s dream 🙂 unfortunately security with the marathon was so tight we were pretty much trapped in here for about 2 hours; but it was still gorgeous for walking and some really nice New Yorkers helped us find our way out this park is built on an old elevated railroad and it was great for a stroll — lots of people watching and the sights over the city were gorgeous


Eating… we started off here with a little Bobby Flay action and the duck & rabbit did not disappoint, I kinda wanted to lick my plate the highlight of our trip — a small group of people, a great guide, delicious food & an entertaining history lesson; if you go to NYC,  you must take one of these! (we did the Greenwich Village & Historic Downtown tours) delicious old-school chocolates we had a chocolate egg cream, which is kinda like chocolate milk on crack 😉 I’m a bit of a pizza connoisseur and this was fantastic (Nonna Maria) delicious little bundles of goodness (Hot Pretzel, Grandma Jojo & Cookies & Milk!!!) Faicco’s Pork Store — best Itialian sandwich I’ve ever eaten and my first time having rice balls which were amazing! AH-MAZ-ING fresh cannolis beer flights at the place George Washington celebrated his Revolutionary War win – kind of a big deal good sushi that won’t break the bank and the Rock Shrimp will rock your world we are Top Chef fans so we HAD to try one of Tom Colicchio’s restaurants – the was the perfect lunch stop for us; I wish he would make me lunch every day fancy beer, but my favorite was the Donuts with Chocolate and Caramel and the coffee to go with them — it was like heaven in my mouth a tasty little savory pie, perfect to start the day another Top Chef nod (one of our favs: Angelo Sosa) was the grand finale of our trip: best mexican food I’ve ever eaten, the Shrimp Tacos were out of this world — and our waiter was on point with fantastic recommendations (Mezcal Margarita, Guacamole Trio, some spicy corn dish, Shrimp & Short Rib Tacos, Lamb Tamale and of course Tres Leches Cake)


Misc… we stayed here, it was fine if you want to be in Times Square/Theater District (which is also really close to the Garment District & Hell’s Kitchen) & in the Garment District, close to our hotel/Times Square — I had to see these Project Runway icons for myself, sadly Tim & Heidi were busy with fabulous plans elsewhere



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