Visual Intermission | Heroic Courage

We have a thing for Jedis in my household. Jedis & C S Lewis. And it all came together perfectly.

This image is available for purchase. For information on 8×12 or 16×24 prints, please visit my Etsy shop, withhart.

It can be found on these blogs: azevedo & itjblog

Note: Jedi cloak handmade by his Nana & the backdrop is by Drop It Modern

Jedi birthdayJedi birthday


4 thoughts on “Visual Intermission | Heroic Courage

  1. Is this the best way to contact you about prices for the jedi/C.S. Lewis image? I’d love to know how much the 8×10 and 16×24 costs. What an awesome print! My husband went nuts over it when I showed it to him. I appreciate the help.

  2. I saw this photo with the CS Lewis quote on facebook and came over to find it so I could pin in. I LOVE it so much. Great photo matched with a really wonderful quote. Thanks for promoting literature. Love to read and I think it is so important that every child is introduced to books.

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